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Türkei: Video bekräftigt Folterverwürfe

turkey-arrested-soldiers-ii„Selcen Bayun plays the video on her phone – and takes a deep breath. Even after watching it multiple times since 15 July, it still shocks. ‚That’s my client,‘ she says, pointing to a man with a head injury. ‚He and the others were beaten, their heads were banged against the wall and he had burns on his legs from being forced to kneel on hot asphalt. I saw a police officer throttling another client during an interrogation.‘ The men in the video are high-level suspects behind the attempted coup earlier this year. (…) Allegations of mistreatment in custody are emerging, and the BBC has heard compelling and worrying testimony. (…)

The video Selcen plays was released shortly after the coup, with alleged plotters paraded in front of the cameras apparently with broken noses and severe head and ear injuries. Another video posted online, seemingly shot by a policeman, appears to show soldiers kicked and bloodied. Human rights group Amnesty International recently said it had ‚credible reports‘ of detainees being subjected to ‚beatings and torture, including rape‘, while Human Rights Watch documented several cases of alleged abuse, facilitated by a state of emergency that extends police detention from four to 30 days and denies access to a lawyer for up to five days.“ (Mark Lowen : „Turkey torture claims in wake of failed coup“)

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