Syrischer Oppositioneller: „Palästinenser leben im Paradies“

sfa_israel„A rare public meeting between Israelis and Syrians in Jerusalem on Tuesday was interrupted by Palestinian protesters who expressed outrage that Syrians would work with Israelis. The protesters met with a furious response from the Syrians, who accused them of failing to understand what true oppression involves. ‚You are living in a paradise compared to Syria,‘ Issam Zeitoun, a liaison for the Free Syrian Army with the international community, told the protesters as they refused to stop shouting and allow the event to continue. ‚You should be ashamed.‘

The altercation occurred at a packed hall at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where a Free Syrian Army liaison and a Syrian Kurdish representative spoke to students at an event organized by the university’s Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace. ‚I wasn’t surprised by what happened. I expect that people will behave like this when I speak at an Israeli institution because it is really a serious matter,‘ Zeitoun told The Times of Israel afterwards. ‚Many Syrians and Palestinians see us as traitors,‘ he said. ‚I don’t think anyone can judge Syrians for speaking with Israelis in public.‘“ (Dov Lieber: „Syrian oppositionist says Palestinians are ‚living in paradise‘“)

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