Syrien: Situation im belagerten Aleppo ist katastrophal

„The head of delegation for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Syria says heavy and indiscriminate shelling around the city of Aleppo is causing untold numbers of civilian casualties. Marianne Gasser said that every neighbourhood of the city had come under fire during the past few days and that vital infrastructure was being repeatedly hit. ‚The situation is devastating and overwhelming. We hear that dozens of civilians are being killed every day and scores more injured from shells, mortars and rockets. The bombing is constant. The violence is threatening hundreds of thousands of people’s lives, homes and livelihoods,‘ said Ms Gasser, who is in Aleppo.

The past few days have seen water systems, hospitals, warehouses, ambulance stations, public buildings and civilian homes destroyed or damaged on all sides of the front lines. Patients and medical workers have been killed or injured. Doctors and medical staff are working with no respite to cope with the influx of casualties, while many damaged hospitals no longer function. Many of the injured or chronically ill cannot reach health centres, while entire civilian areas are being cut off from the goods and services essential for their survival.“

(International Committee of the Red Cross: „Situation in Aleppo ‚devastating and overwhelming‘ says ICRC’s most senior official in Syria“)

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