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Syrien: Assads palästinensische Söldner

palestinians_syria„[T]ens of thousands of Palestinians are apparently fighting on behalf of the Syrian dictator, even sacrificing their lives for him. These Palestinians, who went to live in Syria in recent decades, are helping slaughter the Syrian people fighting for their freedom. The guest has turned murderer. Among the Palestinians, the most fervent Assad supporters belong to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s General Command, led by Ahmed Jibril. The organization is headquartered in Damascus and consists of thousands of fighters; Jibril’s loyalty to the Assad regime has never wavered. His fighters are taking part in the war effort, even against their own people, their own flesh and blood. In one example, when Assad’s army laid siege to the Yarmouk refugee camp, it was Jibril’s fighters who provided the regime with intelligence information and ground support. (…)

At present, thousands of Palestinians are fighting in Syria on behalf of Assad. Many Palestinian leaders have stood on the wrong side of history and on the wrong side of morality, particularly those waging war on the beleaguered people of Syria. These Palestinians were taken in and trained by the Syrian people, who gave them funding, shelter and protection. Today these guests are slaughtering those very people. For whatever reason, the international community, which only becomes distraught when discussing the ‚poor Palestinians in Israel,‘ ignores this fact just as it ignores the genocide taking place in Syria, mere kilometers from the Israeli border, perpetrated with the help of Palestinians.” (Edy Cohen: „Assad’s Palestinian mercenaries“)

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