Studie: Wie wird der Friedensvertrag mit Israel im Ägypten von Abd al-Fattah as-Sisi dargestellt?

„One chapter of a new textbook published by the Egyptian Education Ministry for the 2015-2016 school year is devoted to the peace treaty with Israel. A comparison of the new book with previous textbooks reveals that the book is more firmly supportive of peace with Israel, particularly based on the approach that it is a necessary condition for improving Egypt’s economic situation.

The book mentions Israel as a partner in ‚friendly‘ peace relations, and a picture of Prime Minister Menahem Begin appears alongside that of President Anwar Sadat. The book makes less mention of the wars with Israel and the Palestinian problem than in the past. These are significant changes that can have a positive effect on the idea of peace with Israel among Egypt’s young generation.“ (Eine Studie des israelischen Institute for National Security Studies: „Peace with Israel in Egyptian Textbooks: What Changed between the Mubarak and el-Sisi Eras?“)


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