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Stehen Ägypten neue Unruhen bevor?

egypt_protest„The current regime is strangely insistent on turning a usually calm Egyptian landscape into a frothing sea of anger. Rather than deliver security, Sisi is infatuated with a muscular posture that brings the nation closer to confrontation. These were just the events of the past week – but if the current rulers are to pay a price for their numerous transgressions in the medium term, then it will be economic mismanagement that does them in. (…) Since 1952, Egypt has only known military rule, interrupted for just one year by the presidency of Mohamed Morsi, that has sought to eliminate political opposition and activism from the Egyptian political stage. As a result a political solution, as such, is remote at best.

Six years after a failed attempt at freedom, Egyptians are now faced with a moment as dark as 25 January was bright. Only days ago, Chris Jarvis, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) mission chief to Egypt, admitted that the ‚Egyptian pound has fallen more than expected. We were wrong in our policies and the poor will suffer greatly.‘ The IMF knows that the regime is at risk and that ‚the government could cave in‘. The bottom line is that ordinary people are finding it harder to make ends meet. This is a formula, par excellence, for confrontation between the haves of government and the ruling business class, and the have-nots which number in the tens of millions. To pretend that the Egyptian temple is showing signs of fracture is an understatement. On political, economic and social fronts, there are signs of the temple collapsing.“ (Amr Khalifa: „Do Sisi and Egypt face another revolution?“)


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