„Fast alle UNO-Mitarbeiter in Gaza sind Hamas-Mitglieder“

„The alleged funneling of tens of millions of World Vision charity dollars to Hamas for terror purposes is only a tiny example of the massive abuse of aid cash intended for Gaza residents that instead is used to fund Hamas, a senior Knesset member who used to head the Shin Bet intelligence agency said Monday. The funneling of international aid to finance terror by Hamas and other violent Islamist groups in the Gaza Strip is widespread and the world is hideously naive as regards the scope of the problem, said Avi Dichter, a Likud MK who heads the Knesset’s powerful Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

In an interview with Israel Radio, Dichter said that almost all of the United Nations aid workers in Gaza are members of Hamas, the terror group that seized control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, avowedly seeks Israel’s destruction and has fought three wars against Israel in recent years. (…) ‚World Vision is only a small example,‘ Dichter said, declaring that other, similar organizations ‚know very well that they are funding Hamas.‘ ‚The fact that the donating world, which is recruited to help refugees and the needy, doesn’t understand that its cash is being pumped for terror uses… it is a naive world to the point of being hideous.‘ ‚When you look at groups like the UN and enlightened countries that, with well-established worldviews, fall into the trap set for them by Hamas and Islamic Jihad,‘ said Dichter, ‚it just is amazing to see the extent and power with which it plays out year after year after year.‘“

(Suart Winer: „Ex-Shin Bet chief: World ‚hideously naive‘ about widespread diversion of aid to fund Hamas“)


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