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Die Auslöschung einer Kurdenstadt

sirnakNach monatelangen Kämpfen liegt die türkisch-kurdische Stadt Sirnak in Trümmern:

„Sirnak residents trickled back home after the curfew was lifted, but they were shocked with what they found and couldn’t find. The town had been leveled to nothing more than mounds of rubble. People had no choice but to try to of their homes. Walking over the rubble with his friend Celadin Baran, Sait Batmaz searched for his house. The two argued over whose house they were standing on. Baran said it looked like his house at first, but by using an unaffected landmark building, he was able to find what was left of his place – a few pieces of iron and a bit of rubble.

‚My house is gone. I am staying with my brother. My house was burned down with everything in it,‘ a deeply shocked Batmaz told Al-Monitor. Finally, Baran also located what was once his house. Nine months ago, before he left Sirnak, Baran was a well-to-do merchant. He had 13 houses and five shops. Watching construction machinery work on his rubble, Baran said he had left Sirnak and went to Uludere with five of his children.“

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