Schwedischer Muslim, der gegen Antisemitismus kämpft: „Ich erhalte Morddrohungen“

„Siavosh Derakhti, 24, a young Muslim of Azeri origin who lives in Malmö, Sweden, well-known for openly fighting anti-Semitism in his country, is currently visiting Israel. ‚If you are a Jew, people blame you for everything going on in Palestine. Everybody hates Israel. I don’t accept this and do everything I can to build bridges between Jews and Muslims through education,‘ Derakhti stated. (…) ‚It is absolutely terrible to be Jew today in Malmö‘, said the Swedish Muslim. ‚Anti-Semites believe in conspiracy theories that (Jews) rule the world. I organized pro-Jewish demonstrations and helped protect our cousins. If Jews can’t live in Sweden I feel it’s a personal failure.‘ (…)

Because of his decision to take the Jews’ side, Derhakti gets many threats from Muslims. ‚They threaten to kill me, I get hate mail. When I walk down the street they shout at me, »You Jewish swine, we will kill you«. I now have someone guarding me due to my activities, I have no intention to surrender. (…) There is an enormous amount of ignorance in Europe as to what is going on [in Israel]. They think you are killing Palestinians, but they don’t know that 20 percent of Israel’s inhabitants are Arabs. I told them that there are Arabs in the Knesset and an Arab judge on the Supreme Court. It is not just war … there is a thriving society here.‘”

(Itamar Eichner:„Swedish Muslim fights anti-Semitism“)

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