Saddam Hussein selbst war die Massenvernichtungswaffe

„For Iraqis, there is no debate to be had over WMDs. Iraqis know very well how WMDs work because they have been on the receiving end of them. It is not merely a political, legal or academic discussion but rather a brutal reality they faced. Also, whether or not Saddam Hussein actually had WMDs in his possession by 2003 is irrelevant because, for most Iraqis, Saddam was the WMD. (…) 

Here in Britain, there seems to be nostalgia for pre-2003 Iraq. People either do not know or have too quickly forgotten the horrors of the Ba’athist regime. Saddam’s endless wars with Iraq’s neighbours and his genocidal campaigns against his own people are bizarrely seen by many in the west as part of an era of ‚stability‘ and ‚security‘ for Iraqis. Stability imposed with chemical weapons and security achieved with mass graves. We would need to stretch the definition of those words beyond reason and meaning before we could ever apply them to pre-2003 Iraq.“

(Hayder al-Khoei: „Iraq was destined for chaos – with or without Britain’s intervention“)


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