Truppenabzug à la Putin: Russland verdreifacht seine Luftschläge in Syrien

„Russia has increased dramatically both the rate and breadth of its airstrikes in Syria, tripling the number of air raids in the past few days and demonstrating its ‚freedom of action‘ in the war-torn country, according to an analysis by a U.S.-based think tank. ‚The escalation marks a dangerous shift in the Russian airstrike pattern to levels only seen prior to the brokering of the cessation of hostilities agreement in late February,‘ said Genevieve Casagrande, an analyst with the Institute for the Study of War.

The expansion, she notes, coincides with a further breakdown of the internationally-brokered Geneva peace negotiations, which opposition politicians dismiss as a ‚waste of breath‘ because of the continued airstrikes on opposition-held territory both by Russian warplanes and the air force of President Bashar al-Assad. Sunday witnessed an especially violent series of regime airstrikes on insurgent-districts in the city of Aleppo with at least 53 people, including children, being killed, say activists. … The Syrian Observatory dubs the bombing of Aleppo, which has targeted hospitals, ‚hysterical.‘ Since April 22, it claims, at least 2,600 people have been wounded in the strikes and at least 500 civilians have died – including 105 children under the age of eighteen years and 76 women.“

(Jamie Dettmer: „Russia Triples its Airstrikes in Syria“)


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