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Rohani: Kampf an der Seite Assads ist wichtig für die Sicherheit des Iran

„In paying homage to those involved in the nuclear negotiations on February 8, in an unprecedented admission Rouhani, the President of the religious fascism ruling Iran, said: ‚Had it not been for our armed forces who guarded the security of this country and if our valiant commanders were not steadfast in Baghdad, Samara, Fallujah and Ramadi…, had they not helped the Syrian government in Damascus and Aleppo, and were it not for the valor of the army, the IRGC [Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps; Anm.], the Basij, and the Islamic Republic Security Forces, we would not have enjoyed the security that we needed to conduct such good negotiations.‘ … On Monday, February 8, speaking at the funeral of a number of revolutionary guards killed in Syria, Secretary of regime’s Supreme National Security Council and a close associate of Rouhani said: If these individuals had not been killed in Syria, ‚our Tehran would have been insecure; our Hamadan and our Ahvaz would have been insecure‘. Threatening the West and the countries in the region Shamkhani noted: ‚In confronting regional trans-regional countries that support terrorism we shall take any action within our capacity in various arenas.‘“ (Übersetzung auf der Website des National Council of Resistance of Iran: Rouhani in unison with Khamenei in support of IRGC atrocities in Syria and Iraq and backing of Assad)

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