Parlament legt Grundstein für Erdogans Präsidialsystem

erdogan-ottoman-empire„Turkey’s parliament has voted to advance a bill which would give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unprecedented executive powers, a move widely criticised by opposition politicians. Politicians voted to approve the final 18th article of the lengthy package late on Sunday. The proposed reforms – which proponents in Mr Erdogan’s ruling AK party say are necessary to deal with Turkey’s fragile economic and security situations – would give the President the power to appoint and dismiss ministers, to once again become head of a political party, and possibly govern until 2029. 

Opposition politicians and democracy activists have said the bill is dangerously close to a form of authoritarianism. (…) A second round of voting is due to begin on Wednesday, after any proposed changes to the articles in the bill are debated. (…) If the reform legislation is passed by 330 of the 550 members of the assembly in a third vote, it will go to a nationwide referendum, expected in the spring.“ (Bethan McKernan: „Turkey’s parliament votes to give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan more executive powers“)

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