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Palästinensisches TV: Israel plant, Abbas zu ermorden

plot_arafat„November 11, is the anniversary of former Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat’s death and on this occasion the PA traditionally repeats its libel that Israel murdered Arafat with poison. This year is no exception. In a new video, which PA TV has been broadcasting several times daily the last few days, Israel ‚and its allies‘ are accused of committing ‚the murder with poison‘. In addition, PA TV suggests that Israel is plotting to murder PA Chairman Abbas as well, stating that ‚the plot is renewed‘. Earlier this week, Palestinian Media Watch reported on similar Palestinian claims that Israel is planning to ‚eliminate Abbas politically and physically.‘ (…) Despite the fact that the claim that Arafat was poisoned has been rejected by different international medical teams, the PA continues to claim Israel did so.“  (Nan Jacques Zilberdik: „PA TV repeats libel: Israel murdered Arafat with poison, implies Israel is planning to kill Abbas too – ‚the plot is renewed‘“)


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