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Palästinensischer Funktionär: „Israel wollte Europa mit den Terroranschlägen von Brüssel bestrafen“

„Following the announcement that the Islamic State terror organization orchestrated the terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday, in which at least 31 people were murdered and hundreds were injured, PA Security Forces Spokesman Adnan Al-Damiri suggested that Israel is behind the attacks. In a post on Facebook, Al-Damiri questioned whether the attacks by ISIS could be just ‚a coincidence‘ now that European support for ‚Palestine‘ and the boycott of Israeli settlement products is at a high:

‚Question: How come Europe has turned into the scene of terror attacks and murder of innocent civilians after the majority of European parliaments have recognized the State of Palestine, and after the expansion of the European boycott of products made in Israeli settlements? Is it possible that the timing of the targeting [of Europe] by ISIS and its offshoots is innocent and a coincidence? And why specifically Europe now that the European popular and official support for Palestine is growing??? Help me understand and answer. Thank you!‘
[Facebook page of PA Security Forces spokesman Adnan Al-Damiri, March 24, 2016]

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the Palestinian Authority often libels Israel and the US as having created ISIS, presenting them as the masterminds managing it and its attacks.“ (Itamar Marcus und Nan Jacques Zilberdik von der israelischen Organisation Palestinian Media Watch: „Israel did Brussels terror attacks to punish Europe, suggests PA security spokesman“)

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