Palästinensischer Außenminister verurteilt Terror in Brüssel und rechtfertigt Anschläge gegen Israel

„Palestinian FM urges EU to draw line between terror and his people’s resistance to Israel. Foreign Minister Riyad Maliki, speaking in Brussels, condemns Belgium attacks but strikes different tune on round of Palestinian violence against Israel.

Palestinian shooting and stabbing attacks against Israelis are driven by despair over the ‚occupation,‘ Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad Maliki told European parliamentarians in Brussels on Tuesday as he condemned the two terror attacks that rocked the Belgian capital killing over 34 people. … But the foreign minister struck a different tune when speaking of the wave of Palestinian terrorism that has rocked Israel since mid-September and led to 34 fatalities and left hundreds of wounded in a series of almost continual daily attacks. … Maliki did not use the word terrorist when he spoke of the stabbing, shooting and vehicular attacks against Israelis. He described the Palestinian assailants as ‚youngsters driven by despair and hopeless.‘“ (Die US-amerikanische Journalistin Tovah Lazaroff in der israelischen Tageszeitung Jerusalem Post: „Palestinian FM urges EU to draw line between terror and his people’s resistance to Israel“)


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