Palästinensische Schulbücher rufen zum Judenmord auf

UNRWA„Over 200 US-government- approved textbooks used in hundreds of Palestinian UNRWA-sponsored schools are reportedly teaching Arab children between the first and ninth grades to kill Israelis, and sacrifice themselves as martyrs to drive Jews out of the country. The violent narrative can be found in 240 books – ranging from civics to mathematics – in over 400 UNRWA schools in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem, said experts at a Tuesday conference for the Center for Near East Policy Research in downtown Jerusalem.

David Bedein, who heads the research institute and Israel Resource News Agency, said the disputed books were purchased from a warehouse owned by the Palestinian Authority and then carefully vetted by a team of researchers. Despite repeated reassurances from the Palestinian Authority’s minister of education that all the textbooks would teach a ‚united curriculum,‘ Bedein said the findings showed a central theme: ‚the preparation of the children for war.‘ (…) ‚The American government told Israel that it had checked out the school books and that everything is fine, but it’s not,‘ said Bedein. ‚In all the books you have right of return and armed struggle being taught. Even in math books.‘ Moreover, Bedein claimed that when the findings were to be presented to the US Congress in March by Dr. Arnon Groiss, former director of research for the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education, the White House responded that the hearing was ‚unnecessary.‘“ (Daneil K. Eisenbud: „Experts: Over 200 US-approved textbooks teach Palestinians to kill Jews“)

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