Palästinensische Autonomienbehörde zahlt Millionen Dollar an Judenmörder

„The head of a Jerusalem-and Washington, DC-based research organization revealed specifics on Tuesday of the ‚significant sums‘ allocated by the Palestinian Authority to incarcerated and dead terrorists and their families. Yigal Carmon, president and founder of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), revealed the shocking details during testimony he submitted to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. In his statement, Carmon demonstrated the ways in which the PA supports those deemed to be ‚martyrs.‘

He also said that $137.8 million of the PA’s 2016 budget will be used for ‚underwriting the expenses of the prisoners and their families.‘ Some $173 million has been set aside to provide what the PA says is ‚a dignified life to the families of all those martyred and wounded as a result of being participants or bystanders in the revolution.‘ According to Carmon, payments for imprisoned terrorists, and the families of suicide bombers are anchored in a set of laws in the Palestinian legal system.“

(Lea Speyer: „Mideast Expert Reveals Details of Palestinian Authority Payments to Terrorists’ Families: $78 Extra for Jerusalem Residents, $130 for Arab Israelis“)

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