Palästinenser-Uni: Eine Menschenkette, um einen Mörder zu feiern

 „A terrorist who participated in killing 3 Israelis in an attack on bus 78 in Jerusalem in October last year had once organized a ‚chain of readers‘ in Jerusalem. Now, the terrorist murderer is being honored at one Palestinian university after the other with the same kind of cultural activity. Palestinian Media Watch reported that a ‚human chain of Readers was organized at Hebron University to honor murderer Baha Alyan. Now, Al-Quds University and Birzeit University have followed suit. For their event, Birzeit University invited the father of murderer Baha Alyan and the family of another murderer, Muhannad Halabi, who murdered 2 in the Old City of Jerusalem last year. …

When 500 participating students had formed a chain, murderer Alyan’s father walked along it and ‚blessed the participants one by one,‘ the report in the official PA daily said. The father justified the many stabbing attacks carried out by Palestinians, saying that ‚the significance of this chain is that we are a people that loves life, which does not like to stab, but is forced to do so in order to live.‘ He added that ‚commemorating the Martyrs must be done by following their path of culture, and by continuing to hold cultural activities.‘“ (hier)

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