Obama hat keine Strategie, um Ziele in Syrien zu erreichen

In western Syria an Assad policy of mass homicide and collective punishment prevails; a policy that makes negotiations impossible. In eastern Syria ISIS is chased by airplanes and harassed by a Kurdish militia. The administration therefore has the worst of both worlds. In the west it has protected not one single Syrian from regime mass murder over five years, and now watches helplessly as renewed violence against civilians sinks the negotiations it so dearly wants. In the east it hopes ISIS will not have enough time to do in St. Louis or Seattle what it did in Paris and Brussels. But it’s not configured a ground force capable of putting it out of business. Nowhere in Syria have administration objectives been accompanied with a realistic strategy.

(Der ehemalige Berater von Präsident Obama zur Transformation Syriens, Frederic C. Hof, zur Frage, was die US-Administration falsch gemacht hat: „Syria’s Unclear Path Forward“)

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