Niederländischer Politiker verweigert Netanjahu Handschlag

netanjahu-handschlag„Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was snubbed by a Dutch politician on his trip to the Netherlands on Wednesday. While visiting the Hague, the seat of the Dutch parliament, Netanyahu shook hands with a number of politicians present. When he approached Tunahan Kuzu, a member of the far-left and pro-immigration DENK party, the parliamentarian kept his arms behind his back, refusing to meet the prime minister’s extended hand. Kuzu, an Istanbul-born former Labor Party member, was sporting a button with the Palestinian flag on his lapel.

According to the Dutch website, the parliamentarian wanted to show that there are large groups in the Netherlands which disagree with the ‚daily fundamental injustices that Palestinians are being subjected to.‘ In a Facebook message, Kuzu lamented that the Netherlands ‚rolled out the red carpet‘ for the Israeli premier while ‚the streets of Gaza were colored red in the summer of 2014 with blood flowing from the veins of children.‘ In the wake of the incident, local media accused Kuzu of anti-Semitism.“

(Bericht in Haaretz: „WATCH: Netanyahu Offers Handshake, Dutch Politician Leaves Him Hanging“)


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