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„Mord an Ungläubigen ist Gottesverehrung“

rumiyah_eng„The Islamic State has released a new online magazine urging adherents to carry out more so-called lone-wolf attacks globally. Targets for attacks include businessmen on their way to work, young people playing sports in the park and even ‚the street vendor selling flowers to those passing by.‘ A photo from what appears to be a British market vendor selling flowers has a caption beneath it that reads ‚Even the blood of a merry crusader citizen selling flowers to passersby.‘ Jihadis are urged to strike such soft targets with no special precedence to attack soldiers or policemen, but rather to strike terror into the hearts of all disbelievers. (…)

In a chilling essay entitled ‚The Kafir’s blood is Halal for you. So shed it,‘ the magazine cites references from the Koran and early Islamic scholars that the war against the non-believer is not limited to the ‚enemy‘ fighting ‚frontline operations.‘ Rather ‚he has also ordered that they be slain wherever they may be – on or off the battlefield.‘ At the conclusion of the article, Muslims who live in ‚Dar al-Kufr‘ (literally land of disbelievers) are told that shedding ‚the blood of the disbelievers is halal (permissible) and killing them is a form of worship to Allah, the Lord, King, and God of mankind.‘

The 38-page magazine appears to be a significant new publication by the Islamic State who has simultaneously released the publication in seven languages, including English, French, German, Russian and Turkish. It would appear that ISIS is also attempting to raise its scope against the West by reminding its followers to target all non-believers.“

(Lisa Daftari: „Islamic State issues new call for attacks in the West, all non-believers ‘legitimate targets’“)


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Also aufgepasst Japaner, Vietnamesen, Native Americans, Juden, Afrikaner!

Warum der Islamische Staat den Westen hasst

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