Möglicher Trump-Außenminister will Iran-Regime stürzen

„Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said on Thursday that the only ‚long-term solution‘ to erasing the threat Iran poses to the Middle East is regime change, according to Politico citing an interview he gave to Breitbart News Daily. Bolton, a veteran diplomat who served in former US president George W. Bush’s administration, has been floated as a possible contender for US Secretary of State following the presidential election victory of Donald Trump on November 8.

‚The ayatollahs are the principal threat to international peace and security in the Middle East,‘ Bolton told Breitbart. ‚Now, their ouster won’t bring sweetness and light to the region, that’s for sure, but it will eliminate the principal threat.‘ Bolton continued by arguing that the people of Iran would welcome a new government in the Islamic Republic, and the US should be a sponsor of opposition groups looking to topple the current regime.“ (Bericht in der Jerusalem Post: „Regime change in Iran the only ‚long-term solution,‘ says former US ambassador“)

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