Logik à la Erdogan

Mach alle für den Terror verantwortlich – außer die Terroristen selbst.

„There is hardly anything surprising in the way Turkey‘s Islamist leaders and their officials in the clergy diagnose jihadist terror: Blame it on everyone except the terrorists. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the inventor of the theory that ‚there is no Islamic terror,‘ recently warned that ‚rising racism and enmity against Islam in Europe[an] and other countries‘ will cause great tragedies – like the Paris attacks.

Put in another way, Erdogan is telling the free world that Muslims will kill even more people ‚à la Paris‘ if they face Islamophobia in the non-Muslim countries they have chosen to attack. This reasoning, in simple order of logic, means that Muslims will not kill innocent civilians in terror attacks if they do NOT face Islamophobia. That is not a convincing argument. Erdogan did not tell anyone whether the jihadists killed more than 100 people in Ankara last October because Muslims face Islamophobia in Turkey.“

Der türkische Journalist Burak Bekdil über Erdogan und den islamistischen Terror: Blame Terror on Everyone but Terrorists!

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