Jordanischer Oppositionsführer: „Niemals wieder soll es einen Holocaust geben“

„In fact, the Jordanian Opposition Coalition believes that failure to recognize and learn from the history of the Holocaust is one of the reasons that tragedies, massacres and ethnic cleansing is still happening today in the Middle East. The Jordanian Opposition Coalition believes that the international community should utilize the harsh experience and memories of the Holocaust by expanding international law via criminalizing hatred and religious discrimination.

Such an understanding and humane evaluation could have prevented other atrocities such as the one happening right now in Syria and also against certain religious minorities in Iraq such as the Yazidis and Christians. The Jordanian Coalition Opposition also believes one of the main pillars of modern international society is executing and establishing justice for all in the Middle East, for all peoples involved in the Israeli-Arab conflict, equally for our Palestinian brothers and sisters and our Jewish Israeli neighbors in a manner that prevents any party from doubting, undermining or praising the other party’s suffering or tragedy, regarding of scale or depth. (Der Führer der jordanischen Oppositionskoalition Mudar Zahran in einem Kommentar auf Jerusalem Online: „Op-Ed: Never Again Should There be a Holocaust in the World Entire“)

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