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John Kerry macht syrische Opposition für ihre Verfolgung durch Assad verantwortlich

„Instead of helping to topple Assad, the mass-murdering goon who drops barrel bombs on civilian areas, the White House launched a phony train-and-equip program that required rebel fighters to sign a document that they wouldn’t use their weapons against the dictator who was murdering their families. The administration’s anti-ISIS campaign has allowed Assad to ignore ISIS nearly altogether and focus his attention instead on destroying other opposition groups, and indiscriminately targeting Sunni towns and villages. The White House’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action has now put additional tens of billions of dollars in Iran’s coffers, which it is now free to use in supporting Assad’s genocide. Indeed, it is partly because Obama was so eager to secure a nuclear agreement with Iran that he disdained any efforts to stop Tehran’s ally from slaughtering Sunnis when Assad first started nearly five years ago. …

Last week John Kerry blamed members of the anti-Assad opposition for walking away from the negotiating table at Geneva, even as Aleppo was being bombed by Russian planes. He told them to expect another three months of bombing, which, he said, would ‚decimate‘ them. When the opposition petitioned Kerry to do more, he replied: ‚Don’t blame me, go and blame your opposition.‘ Then he continued: ‚What do you want me to do? Go to war with Russia?‘ This represents something new in the history of American acquiescence to genocide, and something not even Power documented in her handbook – a U.S. official demanding pity from the victims of a genocide whose suffering he thinks can be alleviated by surrendering to the people who are killing them.“ (Der Autor des Buches „The Consequences of Syria“ im Tablet Magazine: The Ambassador From Hell?)


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