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Istanbul lässt separaten Friedhof für Putschisten anlegen: „Wir müssen die Welt unerträglich für sie machen“

„Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş has said the city ordered a space which will serve as a graveyard for the plotters of the July 15 failed coup attempt as no cemetery would accept their corpses, calling the plot ‚the graveyard for traitors.‘ ‚I ordered a space to be saved and to call it »the graveyard for traitors.« The passersby will curse the ones buried there. »Everyone visiting the place will curse them and they won’t be able rest in their graves,« I said,‘ Topbaş told a group of coup protesters gathered in Istanbul’s Taksim Square late on July 19, while adding that the mayor of the Black Sea province of Ordu had refused to provide a burial place for the coup plotters. ‚The mayor of Ordu didn’t provide a spot for their dead bodies. A family took a dead body and buried it in their garden. I congratulate the mayor,‘ he also said. Saying that the cemetery of the nameless was not a suitable place for the coup plotters to be buried as it included religious people, Topbaş noted that the putschists ‚won’t be saved from hell.‘ ‚I believe that they won’t be saved from hell. But we need make the world unbearable for them,‘ he told the protesters.“

(Hürriyet Daily News: „‚Graveyard for traitors to be built in Istanbul for coup plotters: Mayor“)


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