Ist Israel die letzte Hoffnung der arabischen Christen?

„Arab Christians must come to understand that Israel represents their ‚last hope‘ to be saved from annihilation by jihadists in the region, a Middle Eastern Christian columnist wrote Thursday in an op-ed published by the online news magazine The Federalist. According to Luma Simms – who grew up in Ba’athist Iraq – Middle Eastern Christians must overcome widespread anti-Jewish indoctrination that is rampant in Arab lands.

‚Anyone who claims that the Arab world – Muslim and Christian – is not pathologically antisemitic is delusional. This is the elephant in the room in the Arab Christian subculture; the secret sin no one wants to bring to the light,‘ she wrote. It is this ‚secret sin‘ – which Simms calls ‚a blight upon the people of my heritage‘ – that prevents Arab Christians from reaching out to Israel for help as they suffer at the hands of radical Islamic jihadists.“

(Lea Spayer: „Columnist Says Israel ‚Last Hope‘ for Arab Christians Before Total Annihilation“)

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