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Aktivistin in den USA: Israel soll schuld an Polizeigewalt sein?

„A prominent African-American Zionist used social media to ‏blast a campus group for drawing parallels between racial violence in this country and the occupation of Palestinian lands by the Israeli military. ‚I’m just like, wait a minute SJP. Let’s be real,‘ Chloé Simone Valdary said in the brief video, posted on both her Facebook and Twitter feeds on July 12. ‚The majority of people in your organization are Arabs. Let’s be real. Today Arabs still engaged in the African slave trade. I’m just putting it out there. ‘ ‚You want to exploit my people’s history?‘ Valdary said. ‚You want to exploit Jewish people’s history and twist and turn it to use towards your political gains?‚ ‚Don’t act like you have solidarity with my people,‘ Valdery said, adding: ‚You need to stay in your lane.‘ (…)

Valdary was responding to a post from last week from the New York University branch of SJP. In that post, SJP was reacting to the killing of two African-Americans by police officers that sent shockwaves across the country – prompting a deep and probing national conversation about the racial politics of policing in America. (…)

Valdery has sparred with SJP in the past – criticizing the student group for drawing parallels between America’s history of racial violence towards blacks and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Here, as in most of her other criticisms of pro-Palestinian groups, she evoked an earlier era of black activism – often seen as the ‚golden age‘ of black and Jewish relations. ‚When we marched and we preached, we spoke with a rhetoric that was very much rooted in Jewish texts and in Jewish identity,‘ Valdery said. ‚You don’t know the role that Israel as an idea, as a symbol, played [not only] in our community as a collective but in Dr. King’s speeches.‘”

(Sam Kestenbaum: „Black Zionist Slams Pro-Palestinian Group – Cites Arab Slave Trade“)

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