Israel: Muslime und Drusen zufriedener mit Schulsystem als Juden

israel-school„Israelis are almost equally divided over their satisfaction with the school system, according to a poll published Sunday by the Central Bureau of Statistics. Released before the start of the school year on Thursday, the poll found that 48 percent of Israelis had a negative opinion of the system, while 45 percent had a positive view. The poll was conducted from April to December 2015 and interviewed over 7,000 people aged 20 and over, all over the country.

Thirty-six percent of those polled believed that the functioning of the school system was ‚not so good,‘ while 12 percent said ‚not good at all.‘ Only 7 percent said it functions ‚very well,‘ while 38 percent said it was ‚good.‘ However, when separated by religion, there was a large gap: Only 41 percent of Jews have a good opinion of the school system, compared to 74 percent of Druze and 67 percent of Muslims.“

(Yarden Skop: „Muslims, Druze More Satisfied With Israeli Education Than Jews“)

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