Islamischer Staat feuert Raketen auf Israel ab

isis_missile„ISIS claimed responsibility overnight Wednesday for a rocket fired at the Nitzana border crossing separating Israel and Egypt on Tuesday, despite the fact that the rocket failed to reach Israeli territory and landed in the Sinai. The terror group claimed responsibility for the rocket by publishing photos documenting what they called ‚shelling across the border of occupied Palestine by two Grad rockets.‘ In one of the published photos, a terrorist, whose face is obscured, can be seen readying one of the rockets for launch. Another photo later shows the rocket being launched.

The unusual publication of photos comes a day after ISIS’s media wing, Al-Amaq, reported that Israel has conducted three airstrikes in the northern Sinai cities of Sheikh Zuweid and El Arish. While the report was not corroborated by any other source, Al-Amaq published a short video apparently showing children who were killed in the alleged airstrike. Additionally, ISIS announced on Wednesday that one of their officials in the Sinai, Abed al-Ilah Kishtah, who served as the connection between Hamas and ISIS in the Sinai for the last two years, was killed without explanation.“ (Roi Kais: „ISIS takes responsibility for launching rocket at Israel from Sinai“)

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