Islamischer Staat baut Waffen in industriellem Ausmaß

isis-weaponsIsis is developing its own arsenal of military grade weapons and ammunition including rockets, mortar rounds and bombs – as it battles to defend territory across Syria and Iraq, a report has found. Facilities abandoned following the recent Mosul offensive have revealed manufacturing on ‚an industrial scale‘, making tens of thousands of units in a tightly controlled and bureaucratic process.

Inspectors from UK-based Conflict Armament Research (CAR) gathered evidence while embedded with Iraqi forces advancing on Isis’s last major stronghold in the country, finding a multitude of factories, workshops and warehouses in eastern Mosul. James Bevan, the executive director of CAR, said its findings demonstrate Isis’s ‚capacity to produce weapons on a massive scale‘.‚This is a centrally managed industrial programme, which produces munitions running into the tens of thousands, and taps into Turkey’s domestic markets for raw materials,‘ he added.“ (Lizzie Dearden: „Isis manufacturing military standard weapons on an ‚industrial scale‘ in Iraq“)

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