Iranisches Programm für biologische und chemische Waffen

zarif_kerry„Putting aside the disturbing violations of the nuclear and missile restrictions, the drafters of the nuclear accord overlooked Iran’s continuing determination to build its chemical and biological warfare capabilities. October’s Congressional Research Service report on ‚Iran’s Foreign and Defense Policies‘ cited unsettling information on the Islamic Republic’s chemical and biological weapons development programs.

According to the CRS study, ‚U.S. reports indicate that Iran has the capability to produce chemical warfare (CW) agents and »probably« has the capability to produce some biological warfare agents for offensive purposes, if it made the decision to do so.‘ The researcher notes that ‚this raises questions about Iran’s compliance with its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which Iran signed on January 13, 1993, and ratified on June 8, 1997.‘“ (Benjamin Weinthal: „Don’t Let Iran Off The Hook For Chemical/Biological Weapons“)


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