Iranisches Parlament erlässt Gesetz, um Frauen aus dem Arbeitsleben zu verdrängen

„A bill that would reduce the working hours of female employees, which was passed in the last days of Iran’s outgoing Parliament on May 10, 2016, is as an attempt by the state to ‚bring the »out-of-control half of society« back under its control,‘ a women’s studies expert told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

If the bill is approved by the conservative Guardian Council – the powerful body of clerics and jurists that reviews bills to ensure their compliance with Islamic law – 4.3 million women in the country’s workforce will see a mandatory and substantial reduction of their working hours. Some women’s rights activists have argued that the bill could encourage employers to fire their female workers, and make it harder for women to find jobs. (…)

Iran maintains one of the world’s lowest percentages of women in the workforce. According to Iran’s Management and Planning Organization, women hold only 11 percent of the country’s jobs. A study by sociologist Mehrdad Darvishpour indicates that despite Iranian women’s significant advances in education since the country’s revolution in 1979, gender discrimination, the patriarchal fabric of families and the state’s anti-women ideology have all held women back from professional progress.“

(International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran: „New Iranian Bill Aims to Keep Women Out of Workforce“)

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