Iran liefert massenhaft Raketen für Angriff auf Israel

iran_missile„Two days after Iran’s chief of staff revealed that the production line of ballistic missiles shifted to Aleppo over the past years, Hussein Sheikh al-Islam – advisor to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif – said that missile production is not limited to Syria. Sheikh al-Islam, stated that Iran’s missiles are manufactured at a number of countries in the region to prevent what he called ‚the Israeli threat‘, according to Iran’s judiciary system news agency Mizan. Sheikh al-Islam did not specify the countries where Iran is producing its missiles, but he hinted that Iraq is among those countries, stressing that Tehran is working according to Khomeini’s logo: ‚The road to Jerusalem passes through Karbala.‘

Sheikh al-Islam said: ‚manufacturing and producing Iranian missiles is not limited to Syria. It includes areas surrounding Israel.‘ He added that Iran has trained and disseminated the technology of missiles’ production in that region, in reference to south of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. (…) Recently, an agency belonging to the Revolutionary Guard confirmed that Houthis used Iranian-made missiles, at a time Iran’s foreign minister insists that Tehran’s didn’t arm Houthis. Earlier in June, Secretary General of the so-called Lebanese ‚Hezbollah‘ confirmed that his troops obtaining weapons, including missiles, and money directly from Iran.“ (Adil Alsalmi: „Iran FM’s Advisor: Missiles outside Iran not Limited to Syria“)

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