Interessante Frage in Saudi-Arabien: „Sind Frauen Menschen?“

„There has been widespread outrage at the man who set up a training course entitled ‚Are women human?‘ Fahad Al-Ahmadi, who runs an organization called the Saudi Academy for Training and Consulting, posted the name of the course on Facebook, resulting in almost immediate condemnation from men and women.

Despite Al-Ahmadi’s attempts to explain himself on a satellite television program, he faced a barrage of criticism on social media, with users using the hashtag #AreWomenHuman to share their views.‚If you ask a woman that question publicly, she will likely turn into a monster and teach you a lesson with her answer,‘ wrote comedian Rawaa in response to Al-Ahmadi’s question. ‚But if you ask yourself this in secret, it is likely that you are the monster.‘” (weiter hier)

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