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Hisbollah-Führer bezeichnet Israel als »ewigen Feind« der Araber

„Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah denounced Israel on Sunday as a ‚permanent enemy‘ of the Arabs, and lashed out at Saudi Arabia amid a continuing spat between his Shiite, pro-Iran organization and the Sunni-dominated Gulf kingdom. ‚O Zionists, if any Arab regime supports you, it will fall with you,‘ he said, according to a translation of his words by the Hezbollah media outlet al-Manar. … In the televised broadcast, intended to mark one week since the funeral of one of the group’s top commanders, Ali Fayyad, near the Syrian battleground city of Aleppo, Nasrallah defended his Shiite group against widespread criticism in Lebanon and the Arab world over its allegiance to Iran’s ruling ayatollahs and its fighting on behalf of Assad in the Syrian civil war. He defended Hezbollah as a defender of Lebanon against Israel, criticizing Sunni Arab regimes for purportedly failing to protect the country.“ (Bericht in der Tageszeitung Times Of Israel: „Nasrallah: Arab states that support Israel ‚will fall‘ with it“)

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