Hillary Clinton glaubt nicht an „moderate Fraktion“ im Iran

rohani_flag„A month after President Barack Obama’s historic 2013 phone call to Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, his former secretary of state privately warned that the so-called moderate only won the election because Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Revolutionary Guard Corps allowed it. According to a speech transcript made public this weekend by WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton on October 28, 2013, told the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago: ‚I believe that Rouhani was allowed to be elected by the two major power sources in Iran, the supreme leader and the clerics and the Revolutionary Guard … in part because the sanctions were having a quite damaging effect on the economy.‘ She continued: ‚I don’t think anyone should have any illusions as to the motives of the Iranian leadership. What they really want to do is get sanction relief and give as little as possible for that sanction relief.‘

Clinton’s private skepticism about Rouhani diverges from the Obama administration’s effort to portray the Iranian president as a moderating force against the regime’s hardline elements. (…)Republicans this election year have seized on Clinton’s support for Obama’s nuclear deal. And it’s true that Clinton defends the deal in public as a way to keep a lid on Iran’s nuclear program for the next 10 to 15 years. State Department diplomats working for her began the secret direct talks with Iran over the nuclear deal before Rouhani came to power. But Clinton’s campaign, according to newly leaked e-mails, has been far more attentive to concerns from skeptics of the deal, starting with Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.“


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