Hamas „sehr glücklich“ über den Tod von Shimon Peres

sami-abu-zuhri„The Hamas terror group urged Palestinians to hold a ‚Day of Rage‘ on Friday, coinciding with the state funeral of former Israeli president Shimon Peres, which will be held in Jerusalem on that day. The call is meant to mark the one-year anniversary of the beginning of a wave of terror attacks, including stabbings and car-rammings throughout the West Bank and in Jerusalem, that launched in September 2015. Hamas’s call follows a Wednesday statement by the group’s spokesman in Gaza that expressed happiness at Peres’s death.

A spokesman for the group, Sami Abu Zuhri, told AP on Wednesday that ‚the Palestinian people are very happy at the passing of this criminal who caused their blood to shed.‘ He added, ‚Shimon Peres was the last remaining Israeli official who founded the occupation, and his death is the end of a phase in the history of this occupation and the beginning of a new phase of weakness.‘“

(Bericht in der Times of Israel: „Hamas calls for ‚Day of Rage‘ during Peres funeral“)


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