Für die „New York Times“ ist immer Israel schuld

„As with the president’s comments, largely missing from this formulation was what the Palestinians have been doing. Neither the president nor the Times think the fact that the Palestinians have repeatedly turned offers of peace and statehood from Israel is significant. Nor do they seem to care much about the Palestinian Authority’s policy of fomenting hatred against Jews and Israel and its encouragement of terrorism. Goldberg’s interview was published the same week that PA leader Mahmoud Abbas pointedly refused to condemn a Palestinian terror attack in Israel during a visit from Vice President Biden (who was eating near the site of the crime) in which an American tourist was killed.

Yet that incident didn’t rate a mention in the Times editorial. It also failed to note that Abbas refused to back a U.S. effort to lay down the future terms of peace in a United Nations Security Council resolution that would have supported Palestinian territorial claims. Why the refusal? Because in order to get the land, the Palestinians would have to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state and end the conflict for all time. That is something the Palestinians continue to refuse to do no matter where Israel’s borders might be drawn.“ (Der Kolumnist Jonathan S. Tobin im US-amerikanischen Commentary-Magazin: „Why It Doesn’t Matter What Israel Does“)

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