Frauenrechtsorganisation in Halabja verurteilt die Verbechen an den Jesiden

„Today we organized a demonstration in Halabja Women Center against the Yazidi Genocide. Women from all the different groups, nationalities and religions were gathering together to commemorate what happens to the Yazidi Community. In August 2014 the Islamic State (IS) overran Sinjar mountains where most Yazidis in Northern Iraq were living, killed thousands and abducted 5000 women and girls. Many of them are still in the hands of the IS and suffer terribly. In Halabja we are taking care of hundreds of Yazidi refugees who are living in Ashty Camp. It is important to show our solidarity with the Yazidis. Today Muslims, Christians, Syrians, Iraqi-Arabs and Kurds together gathered in Halabja to show our solidarity especially with the Yazidi girls and women.“

(NWE Organization: „Condemning the Yazidi Genocide“)

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