Flüchtlingsboot: Christen von Muslimen ins Mittelmeer geworfen, weil sie gebetet haben

migrantboataerial„A Cameroonian immigrant has been put on trial in Spain for the murder of six fellow occupants of a flimsy migrant boat because of their Christian religious beliefs. Survivors of the hellish 2014 crossing from Morocco to the southern shore of Spain described how the accused, the Muslim captain of the inflatable craft identified as Alain N. B., blamed Christian passengers for the onset of a storm and forced six men off the boat to a certain death.

According to some of the 29 survivors from the more than 50 sub-Saharan migrants who boarded the boat near Nador, northern Morocco, the accused ‚blamed the rough seas which were rocking the boat on the prayers led by a Catholic pastor on board‘. Witnesses told investigators that the captain and his second in command, another Cameroonian man who died in Spain before the trial began, ‚believed that the weather worsened every time the victims prayed‘.“

(James Badcock: „Muslim migrant boat captain faces murder charges for pushing Christians overboard“)

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