Ex-Verteidigungsminister: Iran größte Bedrohung für Israel

yaalon„Even as Ya’alon signaled optimism in those areas, his comments about US President-elect Donald Trump, ISIS and ‚the main enemy‘ of Iran were much more sober. Pointing at the possibility that US policy on the Middle East may change after Trump takes office on January 20, Ya’alon stated that ‚In recent years, the current American government decided to be very passive and to disengage from the Middle East.‘

‚We do not have the same interests as everyone. Everyone views ISIS as an enemy. For us, Iran is still the central enemy and suddenly it changed to part of the solution for the US,‘ he said, arguing that Iran is exploiting the current situation to ‚acquire hegemonic power in the region.‘ While unsure that Trump would view US interests as identical to Israeli interests, he did express hope that Trump would take a stronger stance than the outgoing Obama administration at pressing Iran to reduce its sponsorship of terror.“ (Jonah Jeremy Bob: „Hamas, Islamic Jihad currently deterred from fighting Israel“)

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