Eine weitere Lüge von Irans Außenminister Zarif

„There’s a tendency among some agenda journalists to walk across a field, point out how wonderful the roses smell, and seemingly ignore that the rest of the field is covered in cow manure. Hence, it is often with regard to Iran and the tendency of so many journalists and officials to see a desire for peace and tolerance in a country where both are in incredibly short supply. Many proponents of rapprochement embraced President Hassan Rouhani’s tweet wishing Jews a good Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish new year. That was a rose, albeit one displayed with cynicism.

In the wake of the Iran deal, the Iranian government over which Rouhani theoretically presides announced a new cartoon contest to mock the Holocaust. That itself shouldn’t surprise. … Meanwhile, Kerry’s interlocutor cum handler, Mohammad Javad Zarif has argued that the Iranian government has no role in promoting the latest Holocaust cartoon conference, nevermind that the regime Zarif works for has repeatedly spoken about supporting it. Perhaps that should be chalked up as yet one more Zarif lie.“ (Der leitende Redakteur des Middle East Quarterly Michael Rubin auf der Website des Commentary Magazine: „Khamenei Bets on Anti-Semitism“)

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