Ein syrischer Flüchtling berichtet über Assads Folterkeller

„Two of Rabe’s brothers, Hassan and Hameed, were arrested in 2012 for helping to treat protesters injured while demonstrating against the Assad regime, Rabe said. Both had gone to pharmacy school, and had their own shop in Aleppo where they sold medicine. Rabe said they were detained for two months in the regime’s notorious Tadmor prison in Palmyra, the city that was recently liberated from the Islamic State by Assad’s Syrian Arab Army. …

‚There’s a saying in Syria that if you do something wrong, if you defy the government, you will »go behind the sun,«‘ Rabe said. „In other words, you will be arrested and then just disappear. No one goes to Assad’s prisons without being tortured.‘“ (Die Journalistin Natasha Bertrand in einem Bericht auf der Website des Business Insider: „A refugee describes being persecuted by ISIS and Al Qaeda — and what it was like ‚to go behind the sun‘ in Assad’s Syria“)

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