Ein neuer Fall von „Pinkwashing“ bei Israels Armee?

„Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Sunday said the army does not distinguish between the bereaved families of same-sex couples and those of heterosexual ones. The defense minister had convened a meeting to discuss the state recognition of widowers and widows in same-sex partnerships whose partners have been killed in action during their army service. ‚During the discussion, it arose that there is no difference in the recognition of the bereaved of same-sex partners and heterosexual ones, and therefore there is no need for legislation,‘ a statement from the Defense Ministry said. ‚We treat the bereaved same-sex families and bereaved heterosexual families the same way. It wouldn’t occur to us to do otherwise, and it will not be otherwise,‘ Ya’alon said. ‚Our moral obligation to bereaved families, widowers, widows, and orphans is immense; they will be recognized as such whether they are same-sex families or heterosexual ones,‘ the defense minister added.“ (Bericht in der Tageszeitung Times of Israel: „Ya’alon: No difference between bereaved same-sex, heterosexual partners“)


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