Ein iranisches Fukushima?

busher-nucelar-reactorJapan is not the only country whose reactors are vulnerable to earthquakes. Iran is as geologically active; there is not a region of Iran which has been spared devastating earthquakes in recorded history.

Simply put, Iran’s nuclear facilities – built to less rigorous standards than those in Japan – dare a ticking time bomb. If an earthquake levels Bushehr, for example, causing a meltdown in Iran’s nuclear plant, the result would be contamination not only of the immediate city of 200,000, but prevailing winds would take the radiation cloud out into the Persian Gulf and over Bahrain and Qatar.

Could Fukushima happen in Iran? It’s not a matter of if, but when. And when it happens, the Iranian government will be far less likely to contain the fallout than was Japan.“ (Michael Rubin: „Could Fukushima Happen in Iran?“)

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