Die Türkei auf dem Weg zu einem Regimewechsel

erdogan„If these [constitutional] changes are accepted in parliament and a subsequent referendum, then the Republic of Turkey will transform into a one-party state. We will go into an era when the separation of powers will completely end, where the legislative, executive and judiciary will belong to one person, the president. Parliament will totally give up its powers to exert oversight and ask questions. They will see the faces of cabinet ministers once during the taking of oaths, and they will not be able to hold them to account again.

The country will be run by decrees issued by the president. In the majority of the Constitutional Court, the Council of Judges and Prosecutors and high courts, one person will determine everything.When the president declares a state of emergency, he will be able to issue decrees in those fields where regulation by laws are required; he or she will run the country without any need for a parliament. We are going toward a regime change, are you aware of that?“ (Mehmet Y. Yilmaz: „Toward a regime change in Turkey“)


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