Die New York Times, ein vielgepriesenes Buch und ein palästinensischer Terror-Clan

„Nariman Tamimi and her husband, Bassem, are the first people Ehrenreich lists in his acknowledgements, thanking them profusely for their ‚abundant help, generosity, hospitality, kindness, laughter, encouragement, insights, and wise counsel.‘ A raft of highly positive reviews of the book attest to Ehrenreich’s ability to transmit his affection for the Tamimis: The New York Times described Ehrenreich’s book as a moving ‚love letter to Palestine‘ that is full of ‚heartbreaking and eye-opening‘ stories; similarly, The Economist praised Ehrenreich’s ‚elegant and moving account‘ and emphasized that ‚[it] is in the author’s descriptions of the Tamimis that the hope, and the love, are to be found.‘

For the families of the victims of the Sbarro bombing, it must be bitter to know that on the 15th anniversary of this atrocity a well-regarded American writer is successfully promoting a book that paints a glowing picture of the perpetrator’s relatives, who are to this day openly supportive of terror attacks, including the murders that Ahlam and other Tamimi family members were directly involved in.“

(Petra Marquardt-Bigman: „Was Ben Ehrenreich Bamboozled By a Palestinian Terror Clan?“)

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