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Die lächelnden Gesichter des iranischen Terrors

zarif-rohaniAs the world watches in horror, Assad’s forces, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Iran’s proxy militias and Russian air power continue their assault against Aleppo and the massacre of its civilian population. On Monday December 5, Harakat al-Nujaba, one of Iran’s proxies in Iraq that is involved in the Syrian war, released a short clip of Ghassem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Quds Force, touring Aleppo’s frontlines. The broadcast is the latest from the Iranian regimes propaganda push to get the full credit for the potential victory against a city reduced to rubbles, and witness to one of the most barbaric crimes in recent memory.

While Soleimani was touring Syria, the Iranian Foreign minister Javad Zarif, began his tour of Asian countries, advancing Iran’s smile diplomacy and lecturing his hosts about the merits of peace and presenting Iran as the flag bearer in the struggle against terrorism and violence in the region.

For over three decades the Iranian regime has attempted to simultaneously push a charm offensive, presenting itself as a reliable partner for peace and stability in the region, while expanding its military presence and empowering the armed militias, who are the main source of sectarian violence and terrorism in the Middle East. This dual policy has helped Iran to advance its strategic goals and overcome external and internal challenges. (…)


But Obama’s calculation that a more conciliatory policy with Iran and the lifting of sanctions would moderate the regime proved to be delusionary. In fact, Iran has become more aggressive in pursuing its radical agenda in the region. It has accelerated its missile program, increased its military support to its proxies across the Middle East including the Yemeni rebels, who are firing Iranian missiles at neighboring states. Iran has expanded its military involvement in Syria, supported the slaughter of the Syrian people, while taking American hostages and provoking US ships in the Persian Gulf. (…)

The battle for Aleppo and the Iranian military involvement across the Middle East reveal the real nature of Iranian foreign policy and expose the deceptive nature of Rowhani and Zarif’s smile diplomacy.“ (Hassan Dai: „Iran’s smile diplomacy“)

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